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Aspectic Liquid

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Aseptic liquid bag is a kind of food grade small liquid bag. We mainly provide food grade small bag, but we can also make cartons according to the requirement of clients. Structure: They are made of two layer PE that reach medicine level standard. butterfly valves ,switch valve and oil cover can made according to the requirement of clients with different valves.



FIBC bag is a kind of flexible packaging container for delivery.It has advantage of dampproof, dustproof, radiation-proof and stable etc.And it has enough strength on the structure. FIBC bag is also known as jumbo bag or space bag and has developed rapidly in recent years for its convenience in loading and unloading, handling and carrying. Generally FIBC bag is woven with polyester fiber as polypropylene, polyethylene and so on.It mainly achieve transportation by crane or forktruck for lifting contaioner unit. It is convenient for shipping bulk powder material and has advantages of large volume, light weight and easy handling etc. It can be widely used in chemical industry, building materials, plastics, minerals and other kinds of powder, granular, massive goods packing and it is the ideal package for storage and transportation industries.

Dry Bulk Liner

Dry Bulk Liner

Dry Bulk Liner is usually installed in 20ft or 40ft container, which can load and transport solid bulk granular and powder products in large tonnage. Because containerized transport,compared with traditional small package like woven bags and FIBC, it has great advantages such as large unit shipping, easy load and discharge, less labor force, and no secondary pollution to goods caused etc.



IBC Container

Medium-sized bulk containers, an ideal replacement of traditional iron barrel and plastic IBC. LET IBC is made up of durable folding outer-quadrangle&inner-octagonal carton, food-grade liner and wooden pallet, easily installed, water-proof, strong strength. It can transport 800L~1200L liquid, available for train,truck and ship transportation.